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A sock for every season! As a professional triathlete and 5x Ironman champion, Ambassador Heather Gollnick thinks making the decision of which sock matches her “inner athlete” on any particular day is an important call - thankfully she thinks Point6 makes it easy.

"On a ski day I may have a few different choices: First, I wear the Ski Enzian sock for skinning up Mt. Werner with one of my besties Amanda or Lisa Renee!

Second, The Ski Pro - lipstick for skiing with my family!


Third, the “Wild Child” (Skulls :) for days on my own, I may only have a small window to ski and want to tear it up and skulls always fit the bill!

The running socks with more choices has a tendency to be more difficult:

First, you need to “match the outfit” - second, if its a mud day then going with the active light micro or stealth extra light is a wise option. And of course everyone knows that flowers work best for “speed” days when I’m feeling fast and light on my feet so that means I reach for the Wildflower Sock or Katie Ultra Light.



The cycling socks (also great for other activities) are an easier choice - my “go to sock” that I always grab and one of my clear Point6 favorites is the Coolorado (Coolrado branded) sock, but deep down its good to know that any of these great options will keep me warm on the chilly rides this Spring. Again, its all about matching outfits so Point6 gives me plenty of great options, the Piston in black when I wear my black/ white Rudy Project Kit and the Contender in gray/sky when I wear our IronEdge Triathlon Team Kit, also our Team sock for 2015!"

- Heather Gollnick



Posted on May 15, 2015

Adam Roberts Skier

"This year was not the best winter for most people in the Pacific Northwest. However, I was lucky enough and willing enough to have the time and energy to find the snow. My ski season started in early October, getting some turns up on Mt. Baker.  This is always the most exciting time of year, waiting for the snow to really build up.  We had a few good early days in December but there was definitely a lack of snow.  


I headed to Japan for three weeks in January.  As the photos show, Japan gets snow, lots of snow.  The best part is it's cold snow, all the way down to the ocean.  We managed to find fresh powder everyday, but had to work for it. We only spent three days in the resort and the rest of our time was spent touring.  We had about 10 days of sun, which is a lot considering January is the snowiest time of year.


When I got back to Washington state the snow pack was worse than when I left.  The weather never really lined up.  We would get a few inches of rain in a week and then sun for a week, and then rain again. I spent a bit of time back at the resort where I grew up, White Pass ski resort, cruising the lifts and getting my ski legs back under me.

By the time March arrived it was full July skiing.  I spent the next month hiking and skiing a lot of lines that I would normally ski in the summer, finding great corn.  

April came and brought the snow we wanted all season,  I skied 20 plus days of powder.  This almost made up for the last two months of no snow.  I had a lot of great days in the Backcountry skiing with friends and was also able to get up on Mt. Shuksan to ski a few lines. 


In May, we have had a great start to some good corn skiing.  I am looking forward to the rest of May and June to get up on some of the big Volcanoes we have out here in the PNW."

Great photos by Jason Hummel and Rylan Schoen! Learn more about Adam Roberts below:




Posted on April 13, 2015

100 Pitch Birthday Challenge

Happy Belated Birthday to Point6 Ambassadors Ooan and Add Kongsingh! Thai climbers and twin brothers celebrate their birthday by climbing 100 pitches each!



"We love climbing, it’s just that simple!  I remember after Add and I watched Alex Honnold’s birthday challenge (where he climbs 290 pitches) we became so inspired! I told my brother Add,  "We should do something like this man, without the free soloing ahh!” So we decided to do our own birthday challenge and climb 100 pitches each within a day at our home crag in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


We got up at 4 in the morning just like an alpine start, after a hour of driving to the crag we started climbing at 6.30 am. The routes we climbed for this challenge were not harder than 6a+ (US grade 5.10c) but the big challenge on this day was to climb 100 pitches under extreme conditions. The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and super humid. When we began climbing we weren't sure that we were going to make it and that we would survive the heat!




The challenge was completed far after dusk.

Always dream big and go after your dreams because at the end everything is possible!

Cheers! Twin boys!"

Posted on April 06, 2015

Jup Brown- Running Across the USA

"Hello Everyone. It's so awesome to meet you all and I wanted to say a huge hello. My Name is Jup Brown and I'm from New Zealand. I'm so stoked to be an ambassador for Point6. 

You might be thinking what have I been up to well I'm in the middle of running across the US. I started the run on January 16th 2015 at Huntington Beach Pier in California and today I'm taking a day off in Linden Tennessee which is half way between Memphis and Nashville. I've been on the road for 80 days now and covered 2154 miles so far. Crazy distance for me to even think about too. I'm covering 30-35 miles everyday and run about 7 days and then have a day off. 




 I'm running with a event called "Run With US America " which is me and my friend Patrick Sweeney from California. We are running to raise donations and awareness for a kids charity called "The 100 Mile Club" which gets kids at the start of the school year setting a goal to run/walk 100 miles by the end of the year. They do a little bit everyday to make the goal. Its a great program and the kids love it. We have been meeting people and going to schools talking with the kids and getting them excited to get out and exercise. I love chatting with the kids. 

I'm to totally in love with my Point6 socks and have really put them through the tests on this run. Having a great sock and shoe is everything to me and keeping my feet in perfect condition is a must. Even after 2100 miles I've had no blisters and nothing wrong, not even cold feet so I'm happy as.  I use a few different pairs from Running Flash Extra light mini crew to the Compression Wave and Compression Ultra light and just love the fit and feeling. Having all the different changes in weather I have had and all in the same day I have been super impressed. POINT6 socks are Awesome!! 




So from here my route is Nashville, Knoxville, Roanoke, Washington DC, New York and finish in Boston.  I have around 1200 miles to go and I reckon I will be finishing around 20th-25th of May. Getting so close yet still lots of miles to run but every week when I update my map I see how far I've come and it gets me excited to think I've run all that way. 

I would love your support and if you can, please write a message or come out for a run/walk if you are close by. I'm in no hurry and always make time to stop and chat to people and would love to meet up with you.  You can follow me on facebook at "Jup Brown" , Our event page "Run With Us America".   Also I write a blog everyday www.wordpress.jupbrown.com and my website is www.jupbrown.com



Remember to always go after your dreams and make the most of everyday. Thanks so much for your support and look forward to sharing more adventures/ stories with you. Where should I go after this one? Multi sport adventure is next I reckon , Who's coming?"

Point6 Ambassador Jup Brown

Posted on March 12, 2015

Brad Johnson Enjoying March Skiing

"March Skiing at its best! Part of my training as a mountain guide is backcountry skiing in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. After almost 7 weeks of blue skies and no new snow, the mountains finally received a week long snow storm that dropped 5 feet of snow on Red Mountain pass. Of course a big avalanche cycle followed but now the backcountry skiing is great again. Yeah!! For those long days of skinning up and skiing down my favorite sock is the Point6 over-the-calf Ski Park Medium sock. Because of its uniform thickness throughout the sock it protects my shins and keeps my feet warm all day. It is time to get out there and enjoy the steep and the deep!" Point6 Ambassador, Brad Johnson


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