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Posted on April 13, 2015

100 Pitch Birthday Challenge

Happy Belated Birthday to Point6 Ambassadors Ooan and Add Kongsingh! Thai climbers and twin brothers celebrate their birthday by climbing 100 pitches each!



"We love climbing, it’s just that simple!  I remember after Add and I watched Alex Honnold’s birthday challenge (where he climbs 290 pitches) we became so inspired! I told my brother Add,  "We should do something like this man, without the free soloing ahh!” So we decided to do our own birthday challenge and climb 100 pitches each within a day at our home crag in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


We got up at 4 in the morning just like an alpine start, after a hour of driving to the crag we started climbing at 6.30 am. The routes we climbed for this challenge were not harder than 6a+ (US grade 5.10c) but the big challenge on this day was to climb 100 pitches under extreme conditions. The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and super humid. When we began climbing we weren't sure that we were going to make it and that we would survive the heat!




The challenge was completed far after dusk.

Always dream big and go after your dreams because at the end everything is possible!

Cheers! Twin boys!"

Posted on April 06, 2015

Jup Brown- Running Across the USA

"Hello Everyone. It's so awesome to meet you all and I wanted to say a huge hello. My Name is Jup Brown and I'm from New Zealand. I'm so stoked to be an ambassador for Point6. 

You might be thinking what have I been up to well I'm in the middle of running across the US. I started the run on January 16th 2015 at Huntington Beach Pier in California and today I'm taking a day off in Linden Tennessee which is half way between Memphis and Nashville. I've been on the road for 80 days now and covered 2154 miles so far. Crazy distance for me to even think about too. I'm covering 30-35 miles everyday and run about 7 days and then have a day off. 




 I'm running with a event called "Run With US America " which is me and my friend Patrick Sweeney from California. We are running to raise donations and awareness for a kids charity called "The 100 Mile Club" which gets kids at the start of the school year setting a goal to run/walk 100 miles by the end of the year. They do a little bit everyday to make the goal. Its a great program and the kids love it. We have been meeting people and going to schools talking with the kids and getting them excited to get out and exercise. I love chatting with the kids. 

I'm to totally in love with my Point6 socks and have really put them through the tests on this run. Having a great sock and shoe is everything to me and keeping my feet in perfect condition is a must. Even after 2100 miles I've had no blisters and nothing wrong, not even cold feet so I'm happy as.  I use a few different pairs from Running Flash Extra light mini crew to the Compression Wave and Compression Ultra light and just love the fit and feeling. Having all the different changes in weather I have had and all in the same day I have been super impressed. POINT6 socks are Awesome!! 




So from here my route is Nashville, Knoxville, Roanoke, Washington DC, New York and finish in Boston.  I have around 1200 miles to go and I reckon I will be finishing around 20th-25th of May. Getting so close yet still lots of miles to run but every week when I update my map I see how far I've come and it gets me excited to think I've run all that way. 

I would love your support and if you can, please write a message or come out for a run/walk if you are close by. I'm in no hurry and always make time to stop and chat to people and would love to meet up with you.  You can follow me on facebook at "Jup Brown" , Our event page "Run With Us America".   Also I write a blog everyday www.wordpress.jupbrown.com and my website is www.jupbrown.com



Remember to always go after your dreams and make the most of everyday. Thanks so much for your support and look forward to sharing more adventures/ stories with you. Where should I go after this one? Multi sport adventure is next I reckon , Who's coming?"

Point6 Ambassador Jup Brown

Posted on March 12, 2015

Brad Johnson Enjoying March Skiing

"March Skiing at its best! Part of my training as a mountain guide is backcountry skiing in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. After almost 7 weeks of blue skies and no new snow, the mountains finally received a week long snow storm that dropped 5 feet of snow on Red Mountain pass. Of course a big avalanche cycle followed but now the backcountry skiing is great again. Yeah!! For those long days of skinning up and skiing down my favorite sock is the Point6 over-the-calf Ski Park Medium sock. Because of its uniform thickness throughout the sock it protects my shins and keeps my feet warm all day. It is time to get out there and enjoy the steep and the deep!" Point6 Ambassador, Brad Johnson


Posted on November 19, 2014

Running the Grand Canyon - Heather Gollnick

Point6 socks help to tackle one of ultra running’s true rites of passage, running the Grand Canyon from Rim2Rim2Rim! Point6 Ambassador, Heather Gollnick and friends began their adventure in the wee hours of the morning heading down the south rim navigating the bright Angel Trail with head lamps lighting the way.  

Heather states, "We took it pretty easy until the most epic sunrise lit up this amazing system of trails well enough to start running at a good clip.  When we started we didn't know what to expect or where we were - then the sun rose to unveil the magnificence that is the GRAND CANYON.


It’s been stated that Life is about the moments that take your breath away – we were experiencing one first hand.

We made our way down to the valley floor where we started to see others, mostly hikers who had camped at one of the halfway points overnight.  The south rim starts at 7,000 feet and the bottom is approximately 2,600 feet.

The trail was very manageable running but we took our time with water and photo stops and encountered a myriad of varying dynamics along the way including big (huge) hills, heat, cold, altitude and incredible scenery. After crossing the valley floor our journey took us up the north rim which climaxes at 8,000+ feet.  We were able to run most of the trail until one very steep section which encompassed the last 2 (ish) miles.  We celebrated at the top, took a break, and I was very fortunate I had no blisters and my feet were in great shape...  THANK YOU POINT 6!!! 


We looked at our watches and decided not to linger too long as we needed to make it back to the bottom of south rim before dark.  It was incredible to watch the sun start to set as we ran along the Colorado River meandering our way back toward the south rim.  The sunset itself was truly unbelievable and I was particularly mesmerized watching flashes of lights move back and forth across the mountain and cliffs once the sun had set."

What an incredible adventure! 47.8 of the most amazing miles I have ever covered, and happy feet the whole way! Point6...You Rock!"


Posted on November 07, 2014

This Time of Year - Ambassador GR

What an exciting time of year! The anxiety grows and some go and ski on strips of white at resorts. Others go and slide on thin bases just above the grass and rocks. Still more go and climb to great lengths to find snowfields and glaciers newly covered with the first snows of the season. I know I've been guilty of all three. 
This year Colorado has been experiencing a uniquely warm fall. It's extended our hiking and biking seasons considerably here in the Roaring Fork Valley (which extends from Independence Pass east of Aspen to Glenwood Springs along the Colorado River). I've elected to stay on the pedals this year and am eagerly awaiting my first turns of the 14/15 season. This year will be unique as I'll be bringing my 2 1/2 year old daughter with me to the mountains to get her first real days on skis this year. I'm not really sure who is more anxious.
GR Fielding
Getting and staying in shape this time of year can be difficult in the mountains as one season winds down, good micro brews are available, harvest dinners offer packed plates and we wait for the snow to pile high so we can play in the peaks. To keep warm I've been wearing my Point6 Over the Calf socks to try and fend off the cold mornings.  Bike rides have been started in the 30s a few times this season and with some of the local downhills riding fast, speeds can get well above 20mph. If you find yourself in Aspen Snowmass this winter, look for a guy with Point6 stickers on his skis and helmet, say hello and let's go have some fun in the snow. I'm looking forward to announcing some events around Aspen such as the Kick Aspen Big Air, the junior Freeride and few more that have yet to be announced. You can also bet we'll be out having some fun shooting for next years catalogs, brochures, and trying to capture the vibe that makes the mountains so fun.
Pray for snow! 

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